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Pharmacy Technician Training

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Pharmacy Technician Training

Pharmacy is the medical specialty that relates chemistry to medicine and it is associated with the discovery, development, manufacture, distribution, safety and effective utilization of medicines and drugs. It is a place where all medical devices are made, administered, used and maintained and is responsible for the supervision of physicians and other health care workers. The main purpose of a pharmacy is to promote health by providing necessary medicines and services. It also develops drug information to make people aware of the adverse effects of certain medicines. Pharmacy assistants are those persons who work in pharmacy departments and are concerned with the sale of medicines, filling of prescriptions, giving information to patients about medicines, counting the pills, packaging and labelling medicines and operating the dispensing machines. They also handle the sales and distribution of drugs.

There are various kinds of work in pharmacy department such as drug representatives who represent the pharmaceutical companies in localities, conduct marketing surveys, give lectures to students on the use and benefits of various medications, conduct home care pharmacy activities such as answering phones, maintenance of stocks, labeling bottles, answering customer queries about prescribed medications, etc. In general, all the above mentioned pharmacy employees work on a specific area, such as a billing or administrative section. Generally, there are two kinds of employees in a pharmacy: front office and back office employees. A pharmacy representative, for example, is located in the front office and deals with customers coming for medication. Back office employees, on the other hand, are located at the back office and they are responsible for developing and implementing strategies for selling and distributing medications.

A pharmacy technician is a person who provides support to pharmacists in the process of filling of prescriptions and tests, preparing samples, labeling bottles, taking vital signs, etc. In addition, a pharmacy clerk performs clerical duties and keeps records of purchases. The work of pharmacy technicians also involves the supervision of pharmacists during a patient’s period of prescription, development of quality control measures, development of system changes, training of pharmacists, preparation of audits and quality management plans, and maintenance of pharmacy inventory records. Pharmacy technicians need to undergo special education and training and obtain certifications to enhance their skills.

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