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Understanding The Medicine System

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Last updated on March 8, 2021


Understanding The Medicine System

Medicine is the science, art, and discipline of treating a patient with a view toward improving his health and treating his ailment, the objective of improving his life. Medicine encompasses various medical practices developed over centuries to preserve and restore health by the advance of knowledge in the field of medicine. The word “medicine” is derived from the Greek medicineos which means “art of healing”. The study of medicine includes knowledge and learning of the nature, causes, effect, methods of treatment, and administration of different kinds of medicine and its application. In addition, it also involves the recognition of the patients’ rights and the ethical demands of providing services according to patients’ needs.

Modern medicine has introduced thousands of new drugs to cure and prevent diseases and improve the quality of life. This has increased the number of patients seeking medical attention all over the world and has resulted in the formation of medical research centres. These research institutes publish important scientific articles on various aspects of medicine and related drugs. With the help of these journals, the physicians, doctors and other health-care professionals can keep themselves abreast of new developments in the field of medicine.

All kinds of medicines are used for the treatment of different diseases, the most common medicines being antibiotics, chemotherapy, fertility medicines, hormones, vitamin and mineral medicine, Ayurveda, homeopathy, etc. Medicines which are used for the treatment of terminal diseases are called” terminal medicines “or “end-of-life medicines” (TOMs). Some examples of TOMs are medicines used for treating cancer, AIDS, diabetes, dental procedures, cosmetic surgery, heart problems, genital diseases, renal diseases, Parkinson’s disease, head injuries, stomach disorders, vision problems, homeopathic medicines, etc. However, there is wide variation in the efficiency of these medicines across countries. Hence, it is very important for the physician to prescribe medicine depending upon the requirement of the patient across the globe.

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